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The PSV Harmonica Effects Pedal gets its Mojo from the Kinubi Scorch effect. This puts you centre stage of a hot and steamy Juke Joint, using modern technology to make your audience go wild. Old School Blues sprinkled with dust from the Crossroads. The PSV is all you need!

Beginner or Professional, the PSV is for you.

It doesn't matter if you’re just starting out on your journey as a harmonica player or a professional wanting to travel light to your next gig. The PSV Harmonica Effects Pedal gives you an unrivalled array of essential options all built into one clever product without the normal chain of pedals and power sources. Gone are the days for expensive mics and amps. Use what you have and wow the crowd with your very own Chicago sound. Using the Scorch, Reverb, Tone, Delay and Compression options, simply adjust the controls to create your own Phat Chicago sound. 

Kinubi Audio PSV Harmonica Effects Pedal

Made purely for the frequencies and nuances of a Harmonica, the PSV will offer you the most innovative and future proofed Harmonica Effects Pedal. Coming soon to a music shop near you or available to buy online (Summer 2021).

Questions, Technique and Practice makes perfect!

Since introducing the PSV to a number of harp players both professional and  beginners; the questions we have been most frequently asked are...

'Will it replace the need for technique?'
'Does it mean I don’t have to practice?'
'Will it make me sound like a great Blues player?'

The answer to all of these is a resounding ‘NO!’ Nothing will ever replace the need for good technique, hard work, dedication and determination, but the PSV will help to enhance your sound whatever your level of skill.

Never stop learning.

You still need to find your own tone and develop your cupping skill.

In addition, you need to learn the licks, practice bending and tongue blocking and listen to the professionals. Find out more about harmonicas and famous players by subscribing to Harmonica World magazine.  

Pedals Galore!

There are a whole raft of products and effects pedals on the market to help you achieve your desired sound. Check out The LoneWolf Blues Company, Stage5 Amps, FatTone Amps, Memphis Blues Amps and of course now Kinubi Audio.        


Check us out.

To find out more about the upcoming launch of the PSV  and how it can help to enhance your sound, check out and learn why we claim what we claim. Read our blogs, follow our journey on Instagram and FaceBook.

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Darren Mather-Hutchinson
Darren Mather-Hutchinson

March 19, 2021

This is a great blog, nice one.

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