October 11, 2021

Following an uneventful road trip from Worcester to London, the Co-Founders of Kinubi Audio found themselves in the home of Paul Lamb, internationally renowned harmonica player and charming host.

Paul is not generally a fan of effects pedals preferring instead to rely on good technique. He demonstrated this by playing in a range of styles and on various harps. His technique and skill demonstrate a lifetime of dedication to his love of the simple, but incredibly versatile harmonica. His was exactly the unbiased opinion we were seeking. In all our promotional material we stress that no ’gadget’, however clever, is a substitute for good technique. The PSV won’t make a mediocre harp player into a brilliant one, but it will enhance their Chicago sound which in turn will (hopefully) encourage them to practice harder and play more.

Paul was kind enough to take time to put the PSV prototype through its paces. He agreed the sound (along with his technique) offered an authentic representation of the gritty, phat Chicago tones we’d been striving for. The fact he could use either the Kinubi branded bullet mic or his own favourite mics from the 50’s , pleased him and is a positive selling point. What also impressed Paul, was the size and weight of the PSV. Anything that saves having to carry heavy, bulky equipment around is a bonus. This is especially true for the musician who travels from venue to venue and is looking for a simple, convenient way to maximise their range of effects and minimise the amount of kit required to do so. Another bonus is the fact that the PSV can be powered by a Kinubi Audio battery pack. When fully charged this gives a minimum 6 hours of playing time.



Paul told us about his major musical influences naming both Sonny Boys (Terry and Williams) and Noah Lewis. Big Walter Horton was singled out for the acoustic style in which he employed tongue-blocking techniques to produce a really special tone. Little Walter amplified these sounds by being one of the first to play the harp through a mic.

In Paul’s opinion, Sonny Terry was the first player to elevate harp playing, making a real difference with his phrasing and unique acoustic style. He employed the ‘chugging’ technique to create his specific sound.

Paul played us a typical Sonny Terry style 12 bar sequence, utilising the cross harp technique using an A harp playing in the key of E. It sounded amazing!

Every harp player has their own individual style. They can each play the same tune, but deliver a completely different sound. It was fascinating hearing Paul demonstrate this. One tune, 5 different styles, amazing! According to him, the important things for a harp player to master are light and shade combined with Heart and Feel. After a lifetime of mastering his art, Paul has all of these in Spades!

It was a privilege being able to just sit and listen as he revisited memories and recounted anecdotes of the people and places he’s played and to learn about his journey from Blyth to playing with Sonny Terry and being inducted into the Hall of Fame.. Many famous names peppered the conversation and his wall of awards was very impressive. Despite his illustrious career, Paul remains grounded in his love of music and a desire to share his passion with others.

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