For many years....

....Darren had a desire to solve this problem and introduce a product to the Harp market that would not replace the need for technique, but would replicate a range of old school Chicago sounds through 7 virtual valves and a virtual pedal board that would make you drool at the thought. Darren is now a serial Entrepreneur exporting a range of products all over the world. While performing in a Blues band, he met Paul and Madeleine and from a shared love of live music and a desire to be involved, Darren, Paul and Madeleine became Co-Founders of Kinubi Audio Ltd.

It is their intention to support and encourage students, young Individuals and performers along for the ride, with a chance to learn about forming a business, developing  new skills to add to CV’s, and contributing to portfolios, and all for the love of music.

Sadly, Paul passed away, but his legacy lives on with the Kinubi PSV.