PSV Harmonica Multi-FX Unit

Introducing the latest and most innovative piece of kit to hit the harp world in years.

We are proud and excited to bring you the PSV, Chicago Blues Harmonica Effects Pedal, your one-stop shop to the holy grail sound of the old Juke Joints, this pedal will put harp players where they deserve to be – Center stage.

The Kinubi PSV Harmonica Multi-FX Unit is a harmonica effects pedal that negates the need for expensive Microphones, Amplifiers and a vast range of  guitar pedals, making the Chicago sound accessible to the masses. note; you still need technique.

The PSV will give beginners and advanced Harp/Harmonica players the confidence to express themselves musically amongst other band members. The PSV has been designed to deal with the many frequencies of a harmonica unlike guitar pedals that are often used. The Kinubi Microphone is matched with the PSV to lessen feedback and still give you volume. Feedback is something that will never go away, especially when everything is turned to the max and you are surrounded by other amps and speakers but the PSV has many ways to minimise it.

The PSV comes with a USB-C cable and a mains USB adapter.

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Launch Version

Type: PSV Harp Effects Pedal