February 09, 2021

Kinubi Audio bring you the PSV harmonica effects pedal

The PSV Harmonica Effects Pedal provides you with the sound of the Blues at the flick of a switch (+ a dash of technique!). 

The PSV offers harp players a unique, digital effects pedal which negates the need for a complex, unreliable multiple Amp set up.  The PSV Harmonica Effect Pedal is a ‘one-stop-shop’ helping you to create the Chicago Blues sound.  

Here at Kinubi Audio we are proud to be bringing an innovative product to the world of harmonica playing. Take a look at the product here. 

How the PSV Harmonica Effects Pedal Journey Began… 

In 1990, Darren Mather picked up his first harmonica. He practiced religiously on his C harmonica gradually buying more and more to add to his collection when he learnt they came in different keys! The Harmonica passion had engulfed him.

BUT...the sound of Chicago Blues began to haunt him.  

From the early days, Darren set out on a journey to learn everything he could about the Chicago Blues sound. He wanted to recreate the dirty, gritty, ‘phat’ sound popularised by Harp players in boozy, smokey, Juke joints when amps were overdriven and microphones stolen from Taxi firms! 

...and so, the search went on...

Darren had a burning desire to introduce a product to market, that would not replace the need for technique, but replicate a range of old school Chicago sounds through a single effects pedal. 

The Kinubi PSV Harmonical Effects Pedal was born!

The Kinubi Audio PSV Harmonica Effects Pedal, Harmonicas and Microphone

The PSV Harmonica Effects Pedal today…

This dream is soon to become a reality with the launch of the Kinubi PSV Harmonica Effects Pedal. This Harp Effects Pedal will encompass a range of controls, allowing you to experiment with the gritty Chicago Blues sound we all know and love. 

The most innovative feature of the PSV is the Scorch™ Effect offering the Phat, warm, valve sound of Chicago Blues. By simply turning the dial, you can create amazing overdriven sounds.

Along with Scorch™ there’s an option to personalise the sound by using further controls:

  • Tone 
  • Reverb
  • Delay
  • Compression 

Built in features include:

  • Bass Boost on/off, 
  • Clean,  on/off, 
  • Ground lift on/off, 
  • Unbalanced XLR/1/4 
  • Jack in, Digital Record-out, 
  • Clipping Halo.

All without the need for a chain of conflicting pedals and power sources.

Kinubi Audio PSV Harmonica Effects Pedal

The future of the Kinubi PSV Harmonica Effects Pedal

This is just the start for the PSV Harmonica Effects Pedal, we are committed to continual product development in the search for the most authentic Chicago Blues sound we can create. 

Can’t wait for the Kinubi PSV launch? Get in touch to discuss sampling a Kinubi PSV Harmonica Effects Pedal. 

That’s not all from Kinubi Audio…

We aim to support and encourage young people to discover the joy of harmonica playing. We hope to encourage the elevation of Harmonica playing to exam status and offer people the chance to share in the delight of making music and spread the word that Harp playing is open to everyone https://www.harmonicauk.com/.

Find out more about who we are here. 

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