Kinubi PSV Harmonica effects pedal

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COMING SOON - It's nearly ready to launch! We promise....

The Kinubi PSV is a harmonica effects pedal that negates the need for expensive Microphones and Amplifiers and a vast range of pedals and makes the Chicago sound accessible to the masses.

The PSV will give beginners and advanced Harp/Harmonica players the confidence to express themselves musically amongst other band members without fighting for volume and creating feedback.

Scorch control - This is our unique selling point; the magic button that will give users the opportunity to customise their sound.  You move from pass through or zero effect to that full Chicago sound and from there onwards into overdrive.

Volume + or – dB centre position flat.

Microphone input XLR and 6.35mm Jack balanced & unbalanced, auto mute allowing any cable to fit.

Microphone Output and 6.35mm Jack balanced & unbalanced

Automatic mute will occur while connecting and disconnecting a microphone with a clever delay.We always recommend turning down the volume control prior to unplugging.

Power input is a USB-C connector, This means you can power the PSV from a Phone battery pack or any USB power source. This will reduce any noise/interference or ground hum. Reverse polarity protection and isolation is supplied within the unit.

Images representation only. Final product photo will differ. 

Visit our blog to find out more about the PSV and to keep up-to-date with product updates.

scorch it

The PSV Harp Effects Pedal gives you that sultry, sleazy, sexy Chicago sound you’ve been searching for in a neat affordable box!