Lapel Microphone

The 1812 Lapel Microphone is part of the Coomber range of UHF Wireless Systems.

The 1812 miniature lavalier lapel microphone offers superb audio quality combined with stylish looks at an affordable price.

Versatility: You can use it for hands-free presentations or in stage productions to provide a discrete voice reinforcement.

Mobility: Walk around without the restrictions of a wire. With this lapel microphone, you can turn your head while speaking and the volume of your voice will not be affected.

- Connectors: AF input via 3.5mm socket. Tip = Audio, ring + sleeve = Gnd
- Microphone: Back electret condensor with omni-directional patterm (picks up from all around).
- Four switchable license-free frequencies on channel to (uu)
- It consists of an electret transducer capsule exhibiting an omnidirectional characteristic

Type: Microphones