Headband Microphone

The 1813 Handheld Wireless Microphone is part of the Coomber range of UHF Wireless Systems.

Versatility: It is often used for aerobics or dance but you can also use it perfectly for coaching, presenting or singing.

Mobility: The 1813 Headband Microphone is perfect when you need to keep both hands free while doing a more energetic activity. Fits around the back of the head so can be worn with hats or without messing up hairstyles.

Robustly designed: This headband microphone has been designed primarily with the sports and aerobics industry in mind and is therefore built to withstand the everyday rigours of an active lifestyle.

Perfect to use in noisy environments: The close proximity of the microphone to your mouth reduces the risk of feedback. The PA system will be able to provide a much higher output using this type of microphone compared to a lavalier or lapel microphone.

- Type: Super cardioid electret condenser
- Nominal Impedance: 3000 ohms
- Max SPL: 125dB
- Operating Voltage: 2-10 volts min/max
- Current Consumption: 50uA
- Frequency response: 20Hz -16kHz
- Cable Length: 1500mm
- Connector: 3.5mm Screw jack

Type: Microphones